Our Girls

Our First Goat

Princess - Our Herd Queen

Princess makes an amazing herd queen, yes, even over our large Lamancha.  She just always wants some love. I still find time to sit in the pasture and enjoy her snuggles as she lays her head in my lap.  

Princess is a polled chocolate fainting goat that needed a rescue home and we had a new farm with only chickens so we had the space.   I knew nothing about goats at the time, but in less than a year we goat our first Nigerian Dwarf goats. 

I am thankful that she didn't have any of the nasties we would learn about as we dove into raising goats with other 4-H families in our club.  She has never been bred, but is such a good mom to the herd, even allowing those pesky babies to try for milk.