Purple Mountain Minis

Purple Mountain Minis

Purple Mountain MinisPurple Mountain MinisPurple Mountain Minis

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Purple Mountain Minis, purplemountainminis.com, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats Colorado Springs

We select our does for milk production.  They may also make good show prospects, but we do not show.  We run a closed, clean tested herd.



Lots of dairy in these guys!  Some herd names in their backgrounds are Little Tots, Velvet Acres, Old Farm, Prairie Wood, Piddlin Acres, Buffalo Clover, all the way back to Goodwood foundation does.

Sale Barn

Nigerian Dwarf goat kids for sale in Black Forest, CO.  Dams in milk, does for breeding, pet wethers

Too many goats, not enough time.  

Kids are usually available July - August.  We occassionally have some Dams in milk or older does that we need to part with to keep our numbers manageable.

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